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Charitable Trust


Shri Sardar Mal Bhandari Charitable Trust was established as a charitable, non profit making, autonomous, and non government organization through a registered deed dated 17/03/1994 under an esteemed authorship of Late Shri Sardar Mal Bhandari by its founder trustees Late Shri Bhoor Chand Jain and Dr. Rekha Bhandari. The trust is registered under Rajasthan Public Trust Act, 1959 (Reg. No. 69/107 dated 30/01/2009). It is also registered with the Income Tax Act, 1961, Section 12 A & 80 G (5) (vi). The trust, at various levels, with government and non-government organizations, contributed to various dimensions/ aspects of social development. Consequentially, the trust has achieved very positive and successful results so far.


  1. Establishment & maintenance of hospitals, medical schools and colleges, dispensaries, nursing homes, clinics, sanatoriums and other institutions meant for rendering medical relief to the suffers/ in rural and urban areas for Backward Masses
  2. Conducting, helping or supporting to the research projects & workshops in medical field
  3. Issuing grant-in-aid and assistance to hospitals in procurement of appropriate books, instruments and literature and also issuing grant-in-aid to the poor or needy or sick or disabled or handicapped or backward or people affected by famine, drought, scarcity of foods or other calamities
  4. Publishing scientific literatures and audio-visual aids in medical fields
  5. Providing drugs to patients at cost or at concessional prices
  6. Spending on and donating to any amount to any institution/ public body/ charitable purposes.

Our Focussed Priorities:

  1. Free Medical Consultation and Treatment through Medical Health Camps to All
  2. Free Dispensary to All Segments of the Society: An important initiative to the suffering humanity
  3. New Innovations in the field of Medical & Health through adoption/ application of new techniques/ technologies
  4. Advocacy for Safe-guard of Rights, Empowerment, Education, Trainings & Medical Health Services to Children, Women , Old-aged People and other backward/ weaker sections of the society.
  5. Social Up-liftment of Poor Masses/ Weaker Sections of the Society and Eradication of Poverty
  6. Completely sanitation for health, Protection and conservation of forests and environment


Sr. No. Name Name of Father/Husband Occupation Complete Address Post Held
1. Dr. K.M. Bhandari Shri Sardar Mal Bhandari Doctor 365, Vasundhara Colony, Gopalpura Bye Pass, Jaipur – 302 018 President
2. Dr. L.M. Bhandari Shri Sardar Mal Bhandari Management Consultant 568, Mahavir Nagar Ist, Tonk Road,Jaipur (Rajasthan) Secretary
3. Ms. Sunita Jain Shri Devendra Jain House Wife 10, Mahavir Nagar Ist, Tonk Road,Jaipur (Rajasthan) Treasurer