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Hepatitis day celebration at SBBJ and IOCL, Jaipur alongwith Camp


Hepatitis Day Celebrated at SBBJ and Indian Oil Corporation, Jaipur office and organized Free Gastroenterology Camp at both places. Free test for Hepatitis done by hospital.



Blood Donation Camp

New Urology & Laparascopy Unit


Bhandari Hospital Urology & Laparoscopy Unit with Ridge Aanchal Hospital, Jaipur.

Homeopathy Camp at BHRC


Homeopathy Camp held on 24.8.2015 at BHRC. Dr. Nishant Sharma and Dr. Prajapat given services in the camp and providing 5 days medicine free to the patient.

Stone Removal from One Year Old Child( Rare to Rarest Case)


One year old patient, presented with fever and abdomen pain for last 20 days in Bhandari Hospital. Dr. Ritesh Mehta, consultant urologist, in Bhandari Hospital evaluated the patient and found bilateral renal stones obstructing the kidneys. In one year old child, kidney stones on both sides has been found to be a very rare situation not frequently mentioned in the literature. Patient was first settled with antibiotics & IV fluids and then planned for surgery. Any intervention in one year old child was a challenging situation but the team of Doctor’s under Dr. K.M. Bhandari in this Hospital in conjunction with Dr. Ritesh Mehta, urologist, accepted the challenge and took him for surgery. Patient tolerated dual procedures on kidney very well ( ESWL on left side by latest Siemens’s Modularis machine & PCNL on Right side) Post operative recovery was uneventful. Patient was then discharged on 4th post operative day in good general condition.  

Gangapur City Camp


Gangapur City Camp under SSMBCT, Jaipur with Agrawal Pensioners Samaj, Gangapur city.

Table Tennis Tournament at BHRC, Jaipur


Table Tennis Tournament organised by Bhandari Hospital, Jaipur.

Camp at Govind Dev Ji Mandir


Camp at Govind Dev Ji Mandir, Jaipur by Dr. Sumit Kapoor and Dr. Nishant Kumar.

Camp at Goverdhan Ji


Camp at Goverdhan Ji

Antakshari Programme at BHRC


Antakshari Competition for the Employees at BHRC, Jaipur

Gangapur City Camp


Free medical camp by Bhandari Hospital & Research Centre, Jaipur at Gangapur City on 20.12.2015.

World`s largest gallbladder removal from Bhandari Hospital, Jaipur


A middle aged male presenting with symptoms of pain in right side of abdomen with vomiting with ultrasonographic diagnosis of cholelithiasis. He underwent successful Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy with intraoperative findings of unusually long and distended gall bladder with a large stone at the neck of gall bladder. Specimen was removed in Toto and measured up to 27.5 cm when distended and 26 cm after drainage of the bile using transparent straight ruler with centimeter markings on one side and inch markings on the other side. Microscopy showed normal histology of the gallbladder. Post-operative course was uneventful.

Earlier gallbladder of size 25.8 cm was removed by a Doctor in SMS Hospital, Jaipur.Before that a gallbladder of size upto 25.5 cm was removed in Pakistan.This is the largest gallbladder removed till date which measures 26 cm using a ruler as seen in pictures.Normally size of gall bladder varies from 8 cm to 15 cm. The whole gall bladder was removed laparoscopically (key hole surgery) through a 1 cm incision.

Ajmer Camp


Ajmer Camp by Bhandari Hospital, Jaipur 

Camp at Malpura, Distt- TONK


Malpura camp done by Bhandari Hospital, Jaipur under SSMBC Trust, Jaipur with Dhnjani Pariwar and Pujya Sindhi Panchayat, Malpura, Tonk. Hospital provided free medical services to the patients and villagers.  

Urology Camp at BHRC, Jaipur


A Mega Free Urology and stone treatment camp done by BHRC, Jaipur on 16 & 17 May 2016.

Camp at Khandela ( Sikar)


Free Multispeciality camp at Khandela( Sikar) by Bhandari Hospital, Jaipur

BIMAST successfully conducted first batch on Basic Endourology Course


4 Days Basic Endo Urology Course conducted in BIMAST from 14-09-2016 to 17-04-2306.  

Girraj Ji Camp


Free Multispeciality Camp at Girraj Ji

Camp at S S Jain Subodh PG( Autonomus) College, Jaipur


Free Multispeciality Camp at S S Jain Subodh PG ( Autonomous) College, Rambagh Circle, Jaipur on 25.11.2016.

Free Multispeciality Camp at Bharatpur


Free Multispeciality camp at Bharatpur district on 4.2.2017 by Bhandari Hospital, Jaipur & Agrawal Pensioner Seva Samiti, Bharatpur.

Free Medical Health Checkup Camp at Chokarwara, Bharatpur


Free Medical & Investigation camp at Chokarwara, Bharatpur by Bhandari Hospital, Jaipur

Free Medical Health Checkup Camp at Malpura, Tonk


Free Medical Health Checkup Camp at Malpura, Tonk by Bhandari Hosptial, Jaipur.  

Free Medical Health Checkup Camp at Rajasthan High court, Jaipur


Free Medical Health Checkup Camp at Rajasthan High court, Jaipur 

Nursing Day Celebration at BHRC, Jaipur


Nursing Day Celebrated at BHRC, Jaipur on 12-05-2017. 

Blood Donaion Camp at BHRC, Jaipur


Blood Donation Camp at BHRC, Jaipur on 13.5.2017. People donated blood for the noble cause.